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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Cycles of The Moon...

She gutted me
like a huntress guts her hunted
She gutted me...
Opening me up and pulling out my insides
exposing all the insecurities
the uncertainties
the challenges
the struggles
She exposed them all
So there was nothing left but to feel each one...
to experience the tenderness that lies within...
to allow the grief to wave over me
again and again
The grief of desire
The grief of longing
The grief of hope
The grief of Love
Exposed under Her luminous light
prayers poured from my Being
as I laid it all out like never before
I let go like never before
I revealed what lay deep within my heart
in a way I had never done before
With tear, dirt and sacred gift
I lay down the prayers of my desire
I placed the longing of my blood
I exposed the hope within my bones
and I trusted, once again
in the Love of my soul
and the Love of The Creator
and the Love of The Moon
and the Love of The Earth
the Divine Love
ever shall be
I trusted
and I allowed the moon to illuminate
all that was exposed
the beautiful and the ugly
and I saw that it was good...
all of it
was good.
I desire healthy community
for myself and my family
I long for sisterhood
deep, rich and true
and am gratefulfor the sisterhood 
I am already a part of.
I hope for honouring
between all the human race
and I Love Life
I Love a life that is battered and worn
that is beautiful and broken
one that has fallen apart and been put back together
too many times to count;
One that is whole and complete
and fully thrives every day.
And I trust in The Great Mystery
that through it all
I am being held, loved, led and heard
I trust that my prayers of gratitude
and my prayers of grief
are heard
are considered
are important
I trust that all is as it is meant to be
and that there are something I can not
and will not see, nor will I understand
in my flesh bound ways
and that is ok
I trust that I do not need to understand all things
to believe they are real
I trust in the cycle of the Moon
and the season of the Earth
and in them I take comfort
that nothing remains the same
and there is a season for all things.

I trust what I am guided to do...
that I do not need to make things happen
instead I am meant to try less, trust more
to go beyond the normal
and to embrace the mystery.

and so...once again
I lay my Self and my Life down
to be a vessel for Love and Light...

...what is your prayer today lovely?

love and light


  1. Your prayer is so universal that I find it encompasses all that I wish for. Beautiful, Cat.

    1. this is no surprise to me
      we are connected

      love and light dear Sunny ♥

  2. "i trust that i do not need to understand all things to believe they are real."

    love to you.

  3. Yes, it is all good and my prayer is that it continues in this sweet way ... love to you.

    1. yes...may it continue as it is meant to be

      love and light lovely ♥

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