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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Other Night....

The other night The Deer came to see me

The Deer and The Elk

soft and gentle were their words

as they called me into the sweet smelling forest
where The Suns rays streamed in between the top canopy

of the towering cedars

I felt the longing to be in their presence

and so I followed them

listening to their whispers of gentleness and love

feeling the sacred feminine as it enveloped my heart, 
mind and soul

I had stepped a little off track

and they were calling me back...

gently steering me in the direction I needed to go.

I saw a beautiful Tree Goddess before me

I walked towards her

She towered above me, branches reaching high to the sky

trunk sturdy and old with wisdom

roots thick and full of knowing

sinking deep into Mother Earth and all she has to give

I touched the rough bark

and as I did

my whole body melded into the tree and she and I became one

I reached me branches high

and I grew as I reached

high enough to enter the upper world of Divinity

were all things lie in pure balance and purity

the place...

where They, 
were waiting

He was pacing back and forth

and She was standing still with her lantern raised high

With my human heart I felt what I thought

was his disappointment

and I felt small and unworthy

“I am not sure you are ready.” He said
concern in his eyes
 looking into my core.

“She is ready.”She gently says.

“I am ready, I can do this,” I cried as I fell to my knees

I bowed my head and asked for forgiveness

I thought I had failed them

for I had yet to complete the task

a task I had asked for and wanted

This was when he stopped

he slowed down

and came to the place where I was

and looked into my eyes in a way that opened my soul

and spoke with a voice that turned my heart inside out

and stood with a calm that stilled my mind and shattered all human thought.

“It is not about the task...or about getting the task done

It is about trusting how we guide you through this task.

You do not yet fully trust the process and then I wonder

'Are you ready?' But She assures me that you are...
She sees things in you that I can't see

and knows what you are capable of.
She knows the way of the Feminine Divine 
and in that I trust.

Do not get stuck on what you think 'should be'. It is with human eyes that you do this, human thought. You must look beyond the human, and sink into the unknown of the Spiritual, there you will find your truth.

There is joy here, there is is not all seriousness and reservation....we dance, we sing, we celebrate. Celebrate with us and loosen you human heart. Dance amongst the stars and sing with the moon.

Do not misjudge my way to be that I am disappointed in you my daughter. For that could not be further from the truth. My way comes from a place of seeing another piece of you...the you I created...and you are so big, 
so huge, so larger than life....
and yet, 
so often I see you live so small, so timid, so reserved. 
That is not what I want for you...
to see you live small is not what makes my heart sore. 
I am not disappointed with you, nor am I upset...
I love you, 
you are everything to me and 
I want All Things for you...
I see All Things for you.

So live big, live huge, live in the trust that we are guiding you and overseeing your journey. 
Trust my daughter and live Big. 
Remember there is a piece of me, inside of you...
a big, huge, powerful piece. 
You were there when I placed in with in you, 
remember that when you feel small, hold on to that, when you feel weak. You are much more than you much more.”

These sacred words 
that I write here
 are the best translation I can put

to what was said to me....

And She stood by, 
in the powerful silence of sisterhood and ancient knowing

lantern raised
seeing me clearly...

through my human eyes.

Love and Light my lovelies
thank you for bearing witness 
to this
my sacred journey.


  1. I stand in quiet respect watching your journey unfold.
    And to live small serves no one. Not you, and not the people who look upon your strength to give them courage for their own journey.
    Live big.
    Love big.

  2. ♥♥♥

    thank you sister
    thank you for your quiet respect
    deep bows of gratitude

    love and light

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey, it is what I need to hear today...a reminder that my life is so much bigger than my present circumstances, a reminder to live big and bold!

    1. much bigger much bigger

      love and light

  4. Beautiful! always...but right now rich with meaning as my elk hunting alter is set and the huntress in me turns towards more silence in preparation for the grit needed to enter the battle of a sacred hunt. Thank you, radiant one.

    1. blessed be sister

      love and light

  5. you have some powerful guides on your journey.
    it is a joy to witness this....

    * love *

  6. Love and Light
    Thank you for the calmness of your words xxx

    1. blessings Cat
      holding you and your family close

      love and light

  7. Such wise and wild beauty.
    Thank you, Cat. xo


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