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Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Summer crept in with you
not willing to rush in
taking her time

Stepping in
Stepping out

for that right moment
to reveal herself
 and the life she held.

So it was with you
a dance of 
in and out
a dance of waiting
a dance of patience
a dance of looking deep

and then

when the time was right
you pulled me deep inside
to new places 
with old faces
and old stories
that lay within my skin.

You brought me through 
old thoughts
old patterns 
and took me to the other side.

You showed me how to Allow

To Allow 

my Knowing
my  Courage
my Love
my Freedom
my Forgiveness

and celebrations rang out
within my soul
for such Sacred Allowing
for such Beautiful Unfolding

And you Allowed me to bear witness
to beautiful Souls
and their own unfolding

To hold space
and bring sacred ritual and affirmation
to them
as they stripped down
to their core...

and I felt Blessed

you blessed me
thank you

How was June for you
my lovelies?


  1. Oh my gosh what a lovely post full of life... June was so beautiful for you! For me it I think has been one of the greatest shifts of my life. A thousand different ways. Wow.. painful and glorious.. beautiful and messy... all of the above.. ha ha!
    Can't wait to hug your neck again one day.. xo


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