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Friday, 20 September 2013

Bear and I...

This  is when I first saw him....
a cub with his young mother
She had come into the fields with him
to protect him for the other male bears
who are know to kill the make cubs
in order to protect their territory.

It was fall
and his size led me to believe he had been a late cub
His mother seemed young
and inexperienced.
The Puppy Prince and I had been walking 
on one of  the many dykes
when he began to bark
All I saw was the bench up ahead
and thought him to be  doing his nervous puppy routine
but as I approached where the bench was
I saw, to my complete joy
the rear of a bear going into the black berry bush
Upon coming closer
I realized there was something else
in the tree
under the bush
a cub
The Mother joined him in the tree as we past
I knew one should be scared
but I was not
I was thrilled as I had my camera with me
and my trusty hound
whom had caused the young mother
to take her cub and herself to the tree.
This is how I knew she was young
because mature bears have a way of looking at dogs
that say

That was two years ago...
Last summer my husband
in his bike travels
saw the two of them
again roaming the farm lands
an area rich with berries
and the water ways rich with fish.
I did not see them
But when he came home
with numerous stories of their sighting
I could not help but believe it was them
my mother and cub from the fall before.
But then there was one....
towards the end of summer
the young male was on his own.
I do not know what happened to the mother
What I do know is that he took of residence
in my church... 
right down this pathway...

in the land of Coyote...



of Beaver and Duck
and many other creatures of the air.

It is a land of deep magic and beauty,
so I was not surprised
at his return.
It was on one of my early morning runs
with the Puppy Prince
when I became re-acquainted with him.
I had seen something in the cranberry field
just on the other side of the water way
by which I ran.
I thought is was a black garbage bag
but as I grew closer
I realized it was him...
sitting at the side of the field
enjoying a breakfast of cranberries. 
100 meters of water sat between us
as we looked at each other for a few moments
Oh and was it a moment....
until the Puppy Prince ran back to my side
wondering what the hold up was
and caught sight of the bear.
He then proceeded to bark
which was enough annoyance 
for the bear to cut his breakfast short and walk
further into the feild
away from the noisy creature
on the other side of the water, up the bank.
I saw him every morning for just over a week...
Somethings we would wake him up from his bed
deep in the black berry bushes
or sometimes we would see him lumbering in the feilds
staring his day with some berries.
One morning I even saw him walking with Coyote
that was curious!
They were walking side by side and at one point
after Coyote has spotted me
they touched noses.
When I returned home 
I searched the internet for any information
on Coyotes and Bears cohabitating
there was no such information
only old First Nations Legends about
Coyote and Bear
And then one day
he was gone
heading in to the mountain
for winter
and his long sleep
as I hoped and waited for his return...

Over the summer
I heard talk of him
from those I would meet on the dyke
Either I had just missed him
or we had retreated when meeting someone on the trail
who said he was ahead.
Not once did I get a glimpse of him
even though I was readily seeking him out.
After coming home from our summer trip
I headed down one early moring
with camera in hand
hoping to get a glimpse of my Bear...

There was plenty of "signs"
that he was there
All along the dyke
bear crap
and let me tell you
they were big
leading me to believe that my boy had grown
to a healthy size. lol

Now I know you might be wondering
how could I know if it was the same bear
because I went to where he had made 
one of his sleeping spots
in the Black Berry Bushes
and sure enough
a trail had been mowed down
by a body larger than a dog
down into the bushes
with his"marking" around it.
This is what convinced me it was him
and that he had returned.

But still
no sign of him....
But I was not to be disappointed for long.
The very next day
at 6am
on a Monday morning
the Prince and I were down for a run
as the sun was just stretching up over the mountains
and the fog was holding on to the earth
there he was
about 250 meters in front of us.
He had seen us
before we saw him and was retreating into the fog
away from the human and her dog
It was magic and mysterious
as I could not see him fully clearly, 
but could make out his massive shape through the fog.
I could see as he would pause and turn his head 
to check where we were
before lumbering on
towards the fork in the path.
The Prince had not year spotted him...
too excited to be out and about
taking care of morning business
which was good
as I did not want his barking to startle
or aggravate Bear.
We kept a safe distance from behind
stopping to sit on a bench
as I watched which path he would take,
all the while
the fog slowly lifting
making visibility that much clearer.
It was then The Prince noticed him
and began to bark
Bear stopped and gave him one of "those" looks
the barking fell silent
We watched as he disappeared down the bank
into a watering hole used by the Prince himself
Steadily we moved foward
just in time to see Bear
swimming to the other side of the waterhole
and go up the bank
disappearing into the tall grass
into the field on the other side...
What a treat
What a moment
The images with forever be in my mind
no camera to still shot it
but sometimes
that is not meant to be
the magic
not meant to be captured...

I went back the next morning
but only to find this left behind...
He is gone now
not even markings to remind us
that he was there
He has retreated into the mountains
Getting ready for his big sleep, 
after a summer of fattening himself up
with the bounty of the land.
I am ever so grateful to have had this morning with him
and I look forward to his return
Until then
I take with me the wisdom Bear gives
-nourishing self care
-restoration of body
-rested health during a season of quiet
-strength, confidence, leadership
-deep healing
-solitude in spirit

Thus ends my story of Bear and Me 
What animals have touched your spirit
my lovelies?

Love and Light



  1. incredible pictures and for me, incredible bravery. I think i would faint to be that close to a bear or bear/coyote territory. beautiful story! xoxo

    1. brave
      I like to be called brave
      I will take that ...thank you

      love and light

  2. I need no other animal to touch my spirit today. Your bear is all I need. Your bear! Will you share little Blackie with me? That story, my goodness! Beautiful tale and I love that he left for the mountains, in a healthy, happy way. And I'm so curious about the bear and coyote pals-ing around. What the..??? It's incredible. We can only hope that they will stick around. Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face this morning!
    You KNOW I love bears.

    1. seeing that bear with coyote was amazing...I made up a story for myself that she was an old mother who took the teenager under her "wing" after the death of his glad this touched your spirit sister...that was what it was meant to do!

      love and light

  3. My father, a very long time ago, used to tell me stories about the goings on of animals in the woods, his voice always had an air of mystery and excitement, your bear story is the same, I'm so glad you experience such beauty...

    Hugs x

  4. Such an incredible experience and an equally incredible first hand account of the relationship that exist between different species in this universe..a coyote and bear rubbing noses...such an uncommon pair but that's so sweet...
    I think that you are lucky to witness the life and the growing stages of the baby bear...your curiosity led you to the discovery of many unknown and un-revealed truths ! The beautiful surroundings as depicted by your photographs and your texts -both have been able to create a magical imagery before my eyes, which I can only imagine but cannot witness first hand ! how I wish to be in that place and time which you were a part of !
    thanks for sharing this beautiful account of love between animals and their way of survival,

    1. thank you that this carried you away and into my land
      love how words can do that

      love and light


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