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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Shaenalach Retreats...Oct 24th - 27th

I am blessed to do the work that I do...
the following are images capture at a recent 

preparing space

the alter is laid

communion begins

a circle is created

cleansing from the outside world

the table is set

healthy nourishment creates healthy healing

listening, learning and healing

stepping out in the rain to communique with Mother Nature

The Walking sister-friend who walked with and over came stage 4 cancer

finding their tree

a time to reflect

Women of the Wood

returning lighter in heart, with more tools in hand

the Light and dark of our souls...

healthy goodness for the deep work at hand

Sacred Messages

giving back

warrior women

creating a vision

creating and communing

resting in the goodness

This was the first retreat held under the new name
(Shaenalach Retreats)
a name that holds sacred meaning
to my heart...
and it showed.
Taking nothing from my past retreats, 
which held their own magic...
this retreat reflected the growth and maturing
of myself and the retreats own "spirit"
Together we are growing and evolving...
this is very exciting
as this work of women healing
is near and dear to my heart, soul and mind.
This is the road I know
and one I want to share.
Not because I have it all figured out.
As I told my fellow travelers this past weekend
this journey is till the day I die
But I have witnessed, experienced and lived the transformation, transmutation and transfiguration
 that soul work healing brings.
It's a practice.
It requires commitment.
It utilizes love and courage.
It is worth it all.
It is an honour to come together with other women
in healing and sacred circle.
An honour I do not take lightly.
I am not interested in telling someone how to live...
I am passionate about allowing women
to discover how they desire to live
and how they want to show up
to their spiritual convictions...
for themselves...
and for those they love.
I bow to these women
and those who came before them
and those who will follow them
with deep gratitude and awe in my heart.
You are the brave ones
the ones who change the world
from the inside out
when you say  
The Call!
Thank you

I am blessed to do the work that I do...
Love and light


  1. These images bring it all back to me. I hold it all in my heart and it warms my intentions and keeps the fire burning a glow in my bosom through to me feet. Thank you to all my sacred circle sisters and to you sister mama-bear: what loving, nurturing, protective kindness and yet innate knowing when to nudge forward, when to step back and when to come in with open arms and an army of angels behind her! I thank God for this time. It continues the deep healing it began. Love and Blessings x-000

  2. These women, and more, are lucky to have you. Thank you for the work you do to heal, support and encourage. I hope to attend one in the future.

  3. Beautiful! Cat, you are an amazing light-bringer and warrior for women. Thank you! xoxo

  4. Beautiful pictures and words, so happy to be one of the lucky ones who was there:)


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