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Sunday, 1 June 2014



What a month you were
beautiful and treacherous
you took me to places unknown
to mountains high and valleys low
you were good to me
edging me closer when I needed to be edged
holding back when I needed to retreat
you held my willingness and eager heart
safely and securely 
you challenged  in one way
and balmed in another.

I am grateful the the richness you bestowed
the treasures given freely
 for the  community

the sister-hood
the family-hood
the spirit-hood
the humanity-hood
of the places you took me.

 I am grateful for Divine Love
and Sacred Wisdom

I am grateful for dark tunnels
with high held lanterns

fires that burn deep into the night
and the light of the never failing sun rise

marking the new beginning
that each day brings

Oh for all these things and more
I am grateful.

Love and Light

The biggest thing that happened in May
was moving The Man-Child,The Young Blood t0 his new home
in Tofino...aka Tuff city
a small surfing community on the edge of the world
the perfect place for a young man
to start a new chapter of discovery in his life.
I could not be more happy for him!

temporary home till his place is ready for him...June 1st

 Blessing to you my son...I love you


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